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This Week In Real Estate
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"This Week In Real Estate"
Terry is an outspoken real estate professional who teaches free seminars and hosts a weekly radio show called “This Week in Real Estate.” He is popular across the country - and for good reason. Terry vows to help everyone buy a home. He educates consumers about the home buying and selling processes. He entertains and informs them with his radio show. And he genuinely cares about his customers.
Terry is an expert on real estate. After a horrible home-buying experience, he decided to learn all there is to know about the real estate industry and then teach it to everyone else. He is determined to prevent future horror-stories from occurring.
And if there's one thing Terry doesn't lack, it's confidence. He is certain that he can help clients, and that they will be satisfied with his service. He is also sure that he knows it all. In fact, he boldly states, "Remember, if anyone tells you anything different from what I say - I'm right and they're wrong!"
The number of calls and emails to Terry daily speak volumes about his impact upon the lives of people dealing with the single largest expense of their life. He is the best residential realtor in America.